Building A Better Road After Covid

Early on in my writing career, I had a writing mentor in Hollywood who told me that writers tend to write about the same thing over and over and over. She encouraged me to discover which story archetype best embodied my beliefs and build my stories from there.  She said it would save me time […]

The Coroner’s Daughter Gets 3 New Siblings!!!

So many of you have asked over the years if there’s going to be more Emily and Nick. And the answer is YES. It’s official! I’ve signed with Blackstone Publishing to write the next three books in The Coroner’s Daughter mystery series!!! I’m currently penning book three for release probably in early 2023. With the […]

Let’s Talk Murder & Fashion!

I was recently asked to lead a discussion at Story Board Development on the new crime thriller, House of Gucci. Story Board has been meeting every month in Hollywood since 1981 to analyze the script of a recent movie, so I was not only honored to be invited to this long-running tradition, but giddy to […]

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