Hole in the Woods

A female cold case detective suffering from PTSD unlocks a twenty-year code of silence on a brutal rape-murder when she discovers two friends who witnessed the killing as teenagers.

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HOLE IN THE WOODS Description:

July 1989, in a sleepy Michigan town, high school grad, Nina Laramie, heads out with her friends and is never seen alive again. Months later, her skeleton is found near a remote party spot in the forest. The ME determines Nina has been brutally raped and bludgeoned to death. Fear and anger ripple through this tight-knit community when the case goes cold. 


Thirty years later, Riley St. James, a Detroit PD assigned to Nina’s case, is determined to get her first big cold case win despite having a similar past to the victim. Relying on her investigative prowess and gut instinct, Riley tracks down a witness, who saw Nina Laramie’s murder. But as the truth comes to light, Riley must face the killers who want their secret to stay in the Hole in the Woods. Based on the 1989 true-life murder case of Shannon Siders for Newaygo County, Michigan. After the case went dormant, a Michigan cold case team was formed in 2011 and uncovered new evidence that enabled them to arrest, try, and convict the killers, who were sent to prison for Shannon’s murder in 2015.

Print length

342 pages





Published Date

December 14, 2021



Jennifer Dornbush proves that creating a technically and procedurally accurate setting, is vital to creating a gripping, page turning novel.

Gregory M. Cooper
Executive Director Cold Case Foundation Executive Director Cold Case Foundation.

Hole in the Woods is a gut-wrenching, physical force. Jennifer Dornbush blows the doors off of conventional thrillers

Don Bruns
USA Today Best-selling Author

HOLE IN THE WOODS is powerful, painful, and completely compelling. I loved it.

Ellen Byron
Agatha Award-winning and USA Today Bestselling Author

This tale will drag you inside and never let you go!

DP Lyle
Award-winning author, lecturer, story consultant

Rife with suspense, Hole in the Woods will keep you guessing until the end. An engrossing must-read for fans of the crime genre that will chill readers to the bone.

Tosca Lee
Award winning New York Times best selling author



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