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Good news! I have partnered with The Cold Case Foundation.

As a crime fiction writer, I see crime first and foremost for its story and entertainment value. But as a citizen, I want to support crime fighters who are in the real crime fighting world. There is nothing more satisfying to me than giving back to the real-life crime fighting heroes who give us so much!

When I found the Cold Case Foundation, they drew an instant heart connection for me. Their mission mirrors my own: to shed hope and light into the darkest recesses of the human experience. 

And they are doing this every day as they help solve cold cases from around the country, working closely with victim’s families, and providing victim prevention services.

The CCF can take the remnants of a horrible, violent crime and with their professional volunteer team, bring light to families who have walked in darkness, and breathe the hope of justice into seemingly impossible cases.

Cases like Shannon’s.

We need the CCF because unfortunately, Shannon’s case is not uncommon.  But why are there so many unsolved crimes? 

First, law enforcement are focused on dealing with present crimes and preventing future crimes. Crimes in the past often do not take priority. Mostly, because the biggest obstacles facing police departments today are the lack of manpower and funding necessary to see those cases through.

Additionally, only about 18 percent of the nation’s 18,000-plus police agencies that have cold cases actually have a “cold case unit” to investigate these incidents.

This is where the Cold Case Foundation steps in to help!

CCF is a support arm for law enforcement agencies that takes on the hardest to solve, least funded cases. They assist by providing funding, expert consulting, training, networking, forensic testing and victim support. 

The CCF is currently run by an all-volunteer board and staff of law enforcement experts from the FBI, police branches, and investigators and forensic experts from across the country and around the world. Top notch services from seasoned professionals. 

And all for free. There is no cost to police departments or victims and their families for the CCF support services.

Want to learn more.  www.coldcasefoundation.org

And… A percentage of my thriller, Hole in the Woods, goes directly to support to the Cold Case Foundation. 

Thank you for reading. Thank you for supporting!



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