Hope, Healing & Justice After A Rape

A few months back, a friend of mine introduced me to an extraordinary woman, Analyn, whose story has stuck with me. She’s exhibits the kind of hope and light that can come from a dark human experience– a rape that resulted in a pregnancy.  Analyn not only got justice (and a beautiful daughter!), but she’s now getting justice for other victims, as well.  She just did a podcast about her journey and I am bursting to share this with you! 

In this episode,  Analyn Megison, inspiration for the Lifetime Movie “You Can’t Take My Daughter” discusses how she survived a rape that resulted in a pregnancy and was then stalked, hunted, and battled her rapist to keep her daughter safe. Analyn bravely comes forward in this chilling episode to discuss her rape, survival, activism, and years-long fight in the court to keep her rapist from gaining custody of her daughter conceived through rape.   
Analyn Megison discusses her journey, as a rape survivor, victim and mother, who has been through trauma and resilience helping others on their healing journey.  Analyn talks about the history of laws that discriminated against rape victims and the push to pass the “Rape Survivor Child Custody Act” nationwide. 

“I was raped. I survived. I became pregnant and as a result, I now have an amazing daughter that I love with all my heart,” said Megison. “Love is always stronger than fear,” she says.  Analyn hopes that in sharing her story it will bring awareness as to why laws like the one she helped get passed are so important.



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